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  • Thamina Nowrose

All I want is time to stop!

To my daughters I'm perfect!

My daughter took my hand then placed it on her soft belly, and said "tickle me, Mommy!" in her high pitched five year old voice; sounding a bit like a cartoon. Two seconds later, she screamed “please stop tickling me!”, while simultaneously laughing. You would think I'd be happy with my daughter in this moment, but honestly, I’m scared. I am scared because I know in a few short years, she will not be begging me to play with her. In fact, it is more likely that she will not want anything to do with me. I know because it is what happened with me and my mom. All I want is time to stop. You might think I am crazy for having these thoughts when my daughter is only five, but every time I’ve photographed a senior session my heart beat a little and my eyes ached. I don't necessarily cry, but I feel such raw emotion, that if someone were to say one little mean thing to me, tears would flow. I am sensitive and vulnerable knowing this will be me in the near future. I will be that mom whose daughter is all grown up. I want to remember my hand on her belly and the sound of her laugh; the purest joy of my life.

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